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  2. Don’t forget that under these circumstances people should not cough near you either, they should cough far from you. So if someone does cough near you it’s best to tell them to “ Far Cough” Keep safe folks!
  3. Some serious confirmation bias going on there. The quarantine is 14 full days (15 nights). Some quarantine hotels have windows, others have balconies, many hotels simply don’t have windows anyway - this is not a decision factor of the Ministry of Health in choosing suitable ASQ hotels. But the suicide story sounds better at the bar sat next to your fell SAS servicemen’s and Bitcoin millionaires. I have undergone ASQ in Thailand, while experiences vary, I found the food to be decent, it arrived warm. OR if I left it too long before collecting it from outside the room it
  4. Maybe they should tattoo 'do not resuscitate' on their foreheads
  5. Wife told me today daughters Pattaya school is closed until 31/1
  6. has anyone been to Jomtien immigration recently and applied for 30 days based on tourist. I have multi entry O visa but want to apply for 30 days first, then apply for 60 days based on marriage. Have a couple of possible issues also, I will be one day late - was due on the 3rd, and I lost my arrival-departure card. Is any of this likely to be a problem in the current situation? Thanks in advance...
  7. Sherlock here would suggest its the J Bar Soi 7.............photo below from their facebook page looks very similar, even down to the clock on the wall Slightly different angle to the photo though
  8. 72张看了能变硬的照片 moonbabu
    /sercc/sites/medicine.uiowa.edu.sercc/files/webform/Videos-H-v-E21.pdf /sercc/sites/medicine.uiowa.edu.sercc/files/webform/Videos-H-v-E20.pdf /sercc/sites/medicine.uiowa.edu.sercc/files/webform/Videos-H-v-E19.pdf /sercc/sites/medicine.uiowa.edu.sercc/files/webform/Videos-H-v-E18.pdf /sercc/sites/medicine.uiowa.edu.sercc/files/webform/Videos-H-v-E17.pdf /sercc/sites/medicine.uiowa.edu.sercc/fil
  9. Your theory, based on your own vast knowledge of virology, epidemiology and medicine, grounded in a thorough education in basic science, is about as worthless as anything on earth can get.
  10. I dream of a Thai style lockdown compared to the madness we have here in the UK. The bottom line seems to be lockdowns do not work. This virus is doing what they all do - they mutate. I have just read that there is a new mutation in California now. The first (version 2) reported mutation was the UK, then South Africa, Italy and Japan. Now we are at number 3. My own theory on this virus being so readily spread now is that the old culprit - Birds - are carrying it around as well as humans. It just needs a carrier to cough on a pavement and some pigeons / starlings to wal
  11. On the basis that Trump still has enough support to get them primary'd out of their next election, and they are putting their re-election over duty and country.
  12. Your vast experience "off the subject"? People serving in the military only know the views of their immediate circle of friends and (maybe) co-workers. They don't know the views of the entire military. The fact that your circle supports your views simply reflects the company you keep.
  13. How was the Military decimated under Obama? /countries/USA/united-states/military-spending-defense-budget Were pay raises canceled? What programs were canceled? What did soldiers in the field lack?
  14. You suffer from selective memory. ISIS was in full retreat before Trump took office. Also, his "peace deal" with the Taliban virtually guarantee they will control Afghanistan again in the near future. Trump accused Obama of being the founder of ISIS because of his troop withdrawals from Iraq; will Trump then be the founder of the new Taliban? Trump has a funny way of being pro-law enforcement, he supports and seems to encourage illegal acts by the police. /Politics/trump-police-nice-suspects/story?id=48914504 Trump certainly isn't pr
  15. What do you expect . What's your suggestion as to what should be done. .speak up man.
  16. I provided a link you have provided nothing so i suspect your post about "UK naively expected Ireland to leave the European Union with them" was fake or maybe you heard it while attending a fringe conference
  17. Best to be vigilant about all this! in these situations one needs to be. avoid crowded areas full stop! People should not cough near you either, and they should be far from you! so if anyone does cough near you it’s best to tell them to “Far Cough” Play smart and keep safe folks !
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  19. Did you actually understand that the EMA removes bureaucracy but providing a single drug approval system for the single market?
  20. Don't believe the hype that this is a UK mutation - there will be others in all nations - it is just that no-one else is doing any serious level of genome testing. Wales performed more genome tests in one week than France has done during the entire pandemic.
  21. Realistically I don’t think you would miss either. Go get Johnstone, he will be England’s number 1 before long and as for Ali, he’s not coming back under Mourinho so better he goes. Leeds were tailor made for you. Bielsa was naive to the extreme to not change the way he sets them up but tbh I don’t think he has a Plan B hence them swinging from big expansive wins to getting tonked.........but always good to watch nevertheless.
  22. I’m impressed he was able to get on to the balcony below. I wonder how he managed that? That looks like a very dangerous manoeuvre. It just shows how quickly a fire takes hold. It makes sense to have an escape plan for fire.
  23. Thank you, that's very helpful! Yes, the police report is the main blocker. (I am a US citizen and a legal resident of Germany.) I have an appointment for Jan 28th but, it being Berlin, that doesn't guarantee that anything will actually happen that day. As a dirty foreigner I'm not allowed to do it online. The other potential delay is getting an appointment at the Embassy, but from what wprime says it sounds like that will be OK if I ask for an appointment once everything is ready. In Berlin they don't process anything by mail; in Los Angeles they *only* process things by mail.
  24. I can understand were you are coming from, But, and Big But, they should be reporting how many test they are doing, and how many positive covid cases, if they have only tested 216, and found 216 positive results, that's scary, but if they have tested 5,000, and found 216 positive results, that could indicate that the lockdown measure are working.. Food for thought...
  25. Oh. And I think we'll be losing Hugo to psg... I can almost see the headlines now... 'National captain returning 'home' to the biggest club in France .. to win the champions lge b4 he retires.. And as for Ali.. you wouldn't blame him for going either
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