Passive House Made of Timber in Lugo, Spain

Customer Project

The Dlubal customer Maderas Besteiro is a third-generation family owned company focused in construction and manufacturing with timber. The driving value of the company of providing social and environmental sustainability houses to the local community has come truth once again.


Jorge Gómez Cereijo
GAU – Gabinete de Arquitectura y Urbanismo

Structural analysis

Maderas Besteiro


The one-story house made of cross-laminated and glued-laminated timber will be awarded with the prestigious certification for passive houses, a symbol of high quality standards in terms of energy efficiency and CO2 consumption.

Structure and Design

The house has an irregular floor plan and is based on a reinforced concrete floor slab. The wall and roof structure is made of cross-laminated timber. The roof structure is reinforced with glulam beams of class GL24h to define a special inverted roof with sharp cantilevers standing out of the façade. In order to achieve high spans, the timber beams had to be reinforced with steel beams at some locations of the roof.

The finite element program RFEM was used to simulate the structural behavior of the entire system including line hinges between the cross-laminated timber panels and the elastic foundation under the floor slab. The design according to standard was performed with the add-on modules RF-LAMINATE and RF-CONCRETE Surfaces in order to optimize thicknesses.

It was necessary to create a local model to evaluate the connection between steel and timber beams on the cantilevers and to analyze the resistance of fasteners (pulling out) under specific situations such as wind pressure and suction.

Project Location

Ferreira Mosteiro
Lugo, Spain


Passive house Glued-laminated timber Cross-laminated timber Cross-laminated timber panel

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